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       In order to meet the increasing demand, the company has five independent departments, which are responsible for the manufacture of various heating elements, and the workshop management is in good order and the production capacity is obvious. The company has automatic peeling machine, automatic polishing machine, PLC magnesium oxide powder filling machine, CNC machining equipment, automatic welding machine, hydraulic and stamping equipment, X light test chamber, multi-channel temperature Shengyi electric heating element and other professional production equipment, testing equipment, aging equipment, and the development of the industry's first double straight into the powder machine, greatly to improve the stability of the product. Company with advanced technology and good service as the core, to achieve win-win situation with customers! Create a better tomorrow!


Winding workshop

Powder shop

Hydraulic press shop

Shrink tube shop

machining center

Laser welding laser marking workshop

Electronic workshop

Electronic workshop

Electronic workshop

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